Member POV: The LeVea Family

Member Exclusive: Twilight at the Zoo
August 31, 2017
When School’s Out, Take a Trek on the Wild Side
August 31, 2017

The LeVea family enjoys spending quality time at the L.A. Zoo whenever dad Kyle is not away on deployment with the Marine Corps. Photo courtesy of the LeVea family

Staff Sergeant Kyle LeVea trained for two years before departing for his current tour of duty in Japan. During that time, he was only able to be home on weekends. With family time being so limited and precious, LeVea and his wife, Amy, made it a priority to visit the Zoo with their children each time he returned from training. “It’s our little getaway,” Amy LeVea explains. “The kids and Kyle would get so excited to see the animals and have so much fun that they would forget he was leaving soon.”

“We got a really great family picture”

Kyle LeVea has served in the Marine Corps since 2005. He and his family—which includes children Cayla, 12, Tyler, 3, and Zachary, 1—are entering their second year of GLAZA membership, and they treasure the memories they’ve made at the Zoo thus far. Amy LeVea recalls a particularly memorable weekend while her husband was home, during Big Bunny’s Spring Fling at the Zoo. “It was such a nice way to spend Easter with our family,” she says. “There were all kinds of activities for the kids, a little show, face painting, and we got a really great family picture.”