When School’s Out, Take a Trek on the Wild Side

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August 31, 2017
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August 31, 2017

Safari Days is a fun new educational adventure at the Zoo!

Within the past few years, many school districts have begun scheduling “unassigned days” within the instructional calendar. Frequently, these days are meant to provide time for teacher in-service training: professional development that helps teachers to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of education. But as beneficial as unassigned days can be for educators, they can also throw a wrench into the schedules of working parents, who often struggle to find something fun and enriching for kids to do that doesn’t involve taking time off of work.

“Days packed with fun and adventure [that]… complement classroom learning.”

With its many unique resources, the Los Angeles Zoo has long offered programs that give working parents a place to bring their children where they can enjoy exciting and inspiring activities while learning about the natural world. “Starting in September, we’re offering Safari Days packed with fun and adventure, and coinciding with LAUSD unassigned days. We’re pleased to present this brand new programming that we hope will provide engaging educational opportunities for youngsters from kindergarten through sixth grade,” explains Education Manager Heather Shields. “Safari Days will complement classroom learning by giving students a chance to exercise their observational skills out in the Zoo and then take those observations and communicate them with others as stories. We’re looking forward to this new experience as a way to extend our reach to help meet the needs of schools and families—part of our mission as a classroom without borders.”

Safari Days are for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Morning and afternoon extended care are available. Space is limited, so register today. Members save $5 per child.