Zoo Update with Denise Verret

A Word on Birds
April 1, 2020

Life is unpredictable. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life as we knew it. People all over the world are experiencing sickness, heartbreak and loss, and tremendous financial impact. The magnitude of this crisis can be overwhelmingly difficult and stressful, particularly with the abundant amount of information and misinformation pouring out from every source possible. However, in all of this chaos, we must focus on that which we can control—and that is our own individual health and welfare, and that of our families. We must try to manage our existence during this crisis with calm, compassion, and love for one another.

Resources provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer facts about the coronavirus, including its symptoms. Additional CDC resources include how to cope with the stress of a disaster and how you can assist children during this time as well. Right now, we don’t know how much longer this crisis will go on, but we will continue caring for the amazing animals that call the Los Angeles Zoo home and maintaining the facility in preparation of reopening and welcoming back our guests.

Although we must maintain our distance for the time being, please know that the support we have received from our members, donors, and supporters throughout Los Angeles and beyond is immediate and deeply inspiring. Your response to GLAZA’s appeal and your words of encouragement and affection for our staff and the animals in their care mean so much to us. Until we can once again share the Los Angeles Zoo with you in person, we will be connecting with you through publications, newsletters, and social media, so please stay in touch virtually until we can meet again.

I am grateful for all of the staff who are coming to work every day to help us carry out the essential tasks, for the GLAZA staff continuing to support the Zoo and its mission through their telecommuting efforts, and the docents and volunteers who I know are eagerly awaiting to return and continue to give of themselves in all of the ways that allow the Zoo to be successful. Let’s stay healthy, remain strong, and be resilient.