October 2017

October 1, 2017

Letter from GLAZA President Connie Morgan

Time flies! Here we are, entering into fall, which is the most celebratory season — with wonderful events, festivals, and holidays. Your Los Angeles Zoo offers a bounty of activities new and familiar to support our mission of sustaining wildlife. Don’t wait to come to the Zoo!
October 1, 2017

A Boo-tiful Overnight Adventure

Well known to members, October’s Boo at the L.A. Zoo event has become a tradition – a wonderfully wild daytime celebration of the spookiest season. But did you know that we’re now offering a spine-tingling overnight sleepover as well?
October 1, 2017

National Geographic Photo Ark at the L.A. Zoo

Photographer and committed conservationist Joel Sartore brings his work to the Zoo, and offers heartfelt words on the importance of GLAZA membership.
October 1, 2017

A Fang-tastic Journey

Behold, if you dare, some of the scariest smiles found at the L.A. Zoo.
October 1, 2017

Coming Soon: A “Golden Road” Opportunity

Get a sneak peak of our partnership with a noted local craft brewery on an exciting new dining destination.
October 1, 2017

Member POV: The Soussens Family

Among this family’s 50 years of Zoo memories are tales of costumed fun at Boo at the L.A. Zoo.
October 1, 2017

Animal Arrivals

Notable recent births include two dozen critically endangered Santa Catalina Island rattleless rattlesnakes. In the wild, these snakes can only be found on one tiny island off the coast of Baja California. Given the stresses on wild populations, breeding programs like ours are essential for species survival.

More Reasons to Visit the Zoo in April!

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