Zoo Update with Denise Verret

Winter Green
December 1, 2019

This year’s L.A. Zoo Lights is all new! Photo by Jamie Pham

Regardless of what holiday or holidays you celebrate, December gives us an opportunity to be generous. In the words of writer Deepak Chopra, “the gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation, and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don't cost you anything.” Giving builds empathy, shows others that you care, is an act of kindness, and increases overall wellbeing.

There are many ways to give and give back. Whether it’s a monetary donation or giving of yourself, I hope it is reflective of a meaningful and caring process of thinking and doing for someone else. Some opportunities to give back include pledging to volunteer, sending a package to a U.S. soldier, serving a meal to the homeless, or donating to a food bank; and all of these experiences can be shared as a family. Here at the Los Angeles Zoo, we are very fortunate to have an amazing corps of docents and volunteers who tirelessly give of their time to help us achieve our mission of saving animals from extinction. We are also grateful for our generous donors and supporters who contribute greatly to all of our efforts to conserve species.

This time of year is also the opportunity to create memories through shared experiences with family and friends, and we hope you take the time to do just that by visiting our amazingly re-imagined L.A. Zoo Lights program that features the world’s largest illuminated pop-up storybook. Wishing you peace, happiness, and joy!